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Personal & Business Coaching

  • Personal Finance

    Every month
    Monthly Personal Financial Coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • Assessment of Need- One to one assessment of clients needs
    • Analysis of Financial History- How money is earned and spent
    • Identify Limiting Financial Beliefs
    • Developing a First Step Plan- Identifying step one
    • Developing Consecutives Steps- Unison collaboration
    • Consistent Modification and Correlation- Let's work it out
    • Personal Plan Workbook- Documented Processes
    • Financial Partner- Ongoing Mentorship (optional)
  • Business Coaching

    Every month
    Business Financial or Strategic Coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • Assessment of Need-One to one assessment of client needs
    • Analysis of Business History- Operational or Financial
    • Identifying Business Opportunity of Change
    • Charting Identifiable Issues Paired with Solutions
    • Creating Effective Strategies That Can Immediately Work
    • Guidance and Directions for Implementation
    • Business Coaching Workbook Outlining Our Sessions
    • Business Coaching Mentorship (offering)
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