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Meet Omelia

Business Owner @ Leader @Author

Omelia C. Thornton grew up in a low income neighborhood with 3 other siblings raised by a single parent. At a young age she promised to herself that her life would be much different then the one she was raised in.  Being smart was an asset she could not live with out, so she taught herself street, corporate and church antidotes that proved valuable as she crafted her own life. 

Indeed, her life proved to be much different then what she saw around her and by the age of 22 she made her first million dollars.  But without the right direction, she simply helped the ones she loved achieve their goals and within 2 years the millions accumulated were gone and she was back at square one.

After understanding this process, she began a more disciplined approach when it came to loved ones, business and money.  She drafted one of her disciplines in education and completed her BBA; MSA and MAC, which has earned her one Bachelors and two Master degree's.

Her second disciplines is religion which has earned her a licensed ministerial certification and provided the educational lift of spirit, soul and body.  

Her third and fourth disciplines are street and business experience which she uses to infuse her financial expert position.  This allows her to view relationships and business endeavors with a "Third Eye." This is mostly uncommon in the infrastructure of things, which is why her expertise is "Unmatched."


As her knowledge grew she decided to purchased a Franchise and opted in to Colbert/Ball Tax Services. She opened 3 locations in Cleveland, OH. The business proved profitable but, created distance in her marriage which caused her husband to divorce her.  After an ugly divorce she dissolved Colbert/Ball and created First Invest, Inc., Accounting & Tax Services.


This new company was named "First Invest," because she had learned that no matter what life brings investing in yourself first is mandatory for your own existence. Now, as CEO/Founder of First Invest, Inc. she has had the pleasure of starting other profitable subsidiaries and companies that thrive in today's financial, retail and consulting markets. For example, launching an expansion of First Invest, Inc named Zippy Taxes, Inc. in 2022;

She extends her experience and knowledge to her three son's Michael, Miles and Sean, who all own businesses and are making their own mark in the entrepreneurship world.

In her own words, " I believe I am here on earth to help those who want to change their families financial blueprint and I am gifted to elevate them spiritually and in business. I am not afraid of challenges because, I have faced many of them head on in my lifetime but, I know some people need help; for example,  to have someone to talk things through in business and also how to get from point A to point B financially without ruining relationships.  I believe experience speaks volumes and the outcome can't be faked because history shows I have been there and I have done it!"


She is ready to help you build, move forward or simply just talk things through. Schedule a call with her today, so your tomorrows can call your name. 

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